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What is the coverage area (sqm figures shown) ?

We currently offer boosters that support a coverage area of 100- 1000 sqm, this is the area that the signal will be amplified over, for example a normal 3 bed semi detatched house is normally 100sqm, so our 100sqm kits would suffice.

My order shows as declined?

Some banks block payments on high value items until a customer verifies that they made the payment and it is not a fradulent one. If you see this message please keep an eye out for contact from your bank or contact them yourself. If you are still having problems please contact us.

What happens after I order?

Once a successful payment has been received we will send you an automatic email confirmation, which will then be followed by a shipment notification once your order has been posted, this will include a tracking number, which will allow you track your package online.